Modern Interior design stove that can be used as an individual heating unit apartments or low energy consumption houses
The VISIO stove is designed with main criteria the panoramic view of the fire through the large ceramic glass with which can create an environment of warmth to an area equivalent to a wood stove.
Compact construction with small external dimensions, high efficiency and the ability to produce domestic hot water (DHW) combined with noiseless operation and very low power consumption, makes it the most suitable choice for the modern energy house.


▶ Automatic clinker/ash pushing mechanism
▶ 2Ways Bidirectional Wireless Terminal
▶ GSM Modem
▶ Easy2Check-Easy2APP- Remote Control Functionalities-Web Application

1. Water chamber made of 5mm steel plate, lined with cast iron. The Chamber’s capacity is 53Lt, consisting from flue gas retardants by increasing the trail of water in the boiler maximizing the heat exchange.
2. Burner with horizontal and stable fuel supply and combustion, with integrated reciprocating movement system of ash and solid waste to the ash collection box.
3. Hand operated lever for dislodging and cleaning the combustion residues from the heat exchanger’s tubes.
4. Feeding system’s high torque and low power consumption electric motors connected with two independent moving feeding augers
5. Electronically controlled flue gas fan with speed sensor (hall sensor) for the correct adjustment of the intensity of combustion and exhaust through the chimney.
6. Airtight door with cast iron frame. Large panoramic view ceramic with glass high resistance to temperature. The door is equipped with an air supply system (air curtain) that prevents the glass sooting
7. Stove’s exterior covering panels painted from an electrostatic dye with high corrosion resistance in a variety of colors.
8. Steel cleaning springs of the exchanger’s tube, ensuring the proper heat transfer to the water and keeping clean the heat exchanger as well.
9. GG-20 certified cast iron lining at the burner and the combustion chamber, with high thermal radiation reflection while in parallel protects the water chamber from thermal and chemical stresses by increasing dramatically the stove’s life cycle compared to other common steel stoves
10. Large-capacity canister for ash and burning residues collection.
11. Large capacity fuel (Pellet) storage tank
12. Pellet level sensor interconnected with the main controller which emits sound signal for refilling when the level drops in the tank.
13. Digital controller with easy to read display, which manages the handling and stove settings. The intuitive menu allows the selection of manual or automatic intensity of the combustion compensation, auto programming or erasing with ignition timing, selecting the desired water temperature and the combustion program depending on the type of fuel used. The controller is fully upgradeable manually online
14. Metallic front cover with an easy-lift suspension for access to the cleaning and maintenance of the heat exchanger
15. Preassembled hydraulic system with integrated pump, expansion vessel (compact version), production system DHW by a plate heat exchanger through and automatic three-way valve with flow sensor (compact HW version)
16. Embedded thermostat connection option with a remote thermostat.
17 Wireless GSM modem card system for remote control and diagnostics of the stove via mobile phone. (Optional)
18. Port (RS232) interface for online remote control of the stove’s diagnostics and configuration.
19. Adjustable legs with plastic pad for easy adjustment of the flatness
20. Fresh air Inlet for the combustion purposes, taken from the outside environment
21 Electrical resistance of direct incandescent for automatic ignition of the pellet