▶ Automated function
▶ User friendly Multilanguage menu
▶ Low consumption with very high efficiency up to 92%
▶ Autonomy up to 24 hours
▶ Remote control ability
▶ GSM modem


1.   Digital PLC controller with legible screen and Multilanguage  menu, which achieves the operation and settings of the stove. The smart menu allows setting the combustion intensity, the hot air intensity, the automated ignition – extinguishing with time schedule, the upgrade of the stove depending on the fuel.

2.   Negative pressure combustion fan controlled by the digital controller.

3.   Hot air fan of 260 m3/h with adjustable intensity.

4.   Safety system with pressure sensor for combustion interruption in case of chimney blockage.

5.   Exhaust output to Ø80.

6.   Fresh air Inlet for the combustion purposes, taken from the outside environment

7.   Pellet supply, to the combustion chamber, system with electric reducer and auger electronically adjusted by the controller with block protection.

8.   Electrical resistance of direct incandescent for automatic ignition of the pellet.

9.   Adjustable legs with plastic pad for easy adjustment of the flatness.

10. Access door to the heat exchanger for regular cleaning of the ashes and the combustion residues.

11. Hot air output louvers to the room.

12. Air supply system (air curtain) that prevents the glass sooting.

13. Cast iron burner for pellet combustion with special air flow fissures for perfect combustion quality.

14. Ash collector.

15. GG-20 certified cast iron lining at the burner and the combustion chamber, with high thermal radiation reflection while in parallel protects the water chamber from thermal and chemical stresses by increasing dramatically the stove’s life cycle

16. Flue gas route.

17. Airtight door with cast iron frame. Large panoramic view ceramic with glass high resistance to temperature (750 0C).

18. Room heat thermostat which controls the combustion power depending on the desired temperature that the user has set.

19. Hot air route from the fan to the heat exchanger.

20. Large pellet tank capacity (24Kg) with pellet level sensor with acoustic signal for pellet refilling.

21. Wireless GSM modem card system for remote control and diagnostics of the stove via mobile phone (Optional).