Nobel FC 500/10m2
  • The forced circulation solar systems are designed and developed for both installations where there is big demand in hot water (complexes, hospitals, sport facilities, hotels etc) and domestic use, in case the water storage tank cannot be placed above the collector due to static or aesthetics reasons.

    The production of the NOBEL FC forced circulation solar systems is held in two self-owned ultra-modern autonomous facilities of verticalized production lines, which are equipped with robotics machinery.


NOBEL FC Forced Circulation Solar Systems

More than 100 highly skilled employees are employed in the said facilities. The company holds ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the design, production and trading of solar and electric water heaters.

The production processes and the raw materials used are eco-friendly. The final product is 100% recyclable.

The quality of the produced products is guaranteed both through strict quality controls during all the production stages and measurements executed by esteemed laboratories in Greece and abroad.

Produced with the most refined raw materials , always according to the international standards, they hold all the certificates which guarantee their quality.

They save energy all over the year , even in areas with limited solar radiation, in which case the water is preheated, something that contributes significantly to the reduction of the conventional energy consumption.

The said systems consist of the high quality sun selective Apollon solar collector, with external one piece aluminium trough of special naval aluminium alloy, robust construction which ensures perfect tightness, the innovatively designed water storage tank and the fully integrated hydraulic , which is equipped with all the necessary safety devices & accessories for its smooth operation and efficiency optimization.

The automations of the system constantly check the temperature difference between the solar collectors and the storage water tank and give orders accordingly, in a way that the constant hot water generation is ensured, according to the system settings. The differential thermostat is electronically programmed to control the differential temperature and is equipped with buttons and a screen, in which parameters and messages are displayed.

They are also equipped with:
• Anti- frost protection for the closed loop.
• Overheating protection of the closed loop.

In case of non-adequate solar radiation, there is the possibility of function of an auxiliary energy source.