Nobel 320 lt/4m2
  • The eco-proposal and effective energy saving solution that combines high performance, autonomy, simple installation and cost effectiveness.
    Produced with the most refined raw materials, always according to the international standards, they hold all the certificates which guarantee their quality.
    They are ideal for the generation of domestic hot water (70%- 100% coverage).

Solar Thermosiphonic Systems NOBEL

The product is available in 8 different sizes, a variety of combinations which guarantees:
• Domestic hot water demand satisfaction, even in case it is disproportionally big compared to the number of persons that have to be served.
• Short domestic hot water generation, when necessary.
• Lack of space for the installation of the solar system(s).

They save energy all over the year , even in areas with very low sunlight hours, in which case the water is preheated, something that contributes significantly to the reduction of the conventional energy consumption.

Their production is held in two self-owned ultra-modern autonomous facilities of verticalized production lines, which are equipped with robotics machinery.
More than 100 highly skilled employees are employed in the said premises. The company holds ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the design, production and trading of solar & electric water heaters.
The production processes and the raw materials used are eco-friendly. The final product is 100% recyclable.
The quality of the produced products is guaranteed both through strict quality controls during all the production stages and measurements executed by esteemed laboratories in Greece and abroad.

Our products have been exported for many years now with great success and have been broadly accepted by several markets of different demands.

The solar thermosiphonic system NOBEL, consisting of the high quality sun selective Apollon collector and the high standards Classic water storage tank, is the best solution for you, since it provides you with the best value for money choice.